Get to Know Us

Hentschl Family 108

Before we were three, the two of us were blessed to meet and fall in love at Pepperdine University. Email us if you care what we majored in, I doubt you do though.


We love to travel, adore culture, adventure often and delight that we get to serve others every day. We use cloth diapers, eat granola, do everything together and our beautiful daughter Forrest shares a bed with us. We enjoy gardening but never quite have enough time to do it well, and we have been telling ourselves for a year that we’re going to get chickens, we’ve already got the coop too. You’ll never find our freezer without ice cream inside and we revel looking into each other’s eyes over a glass of red wine in some far off land. We try not to take ourselves too seriously, even though we are expected to be serious missionary folk. Also, we aren’t crazy about the word missionary.


We do believe that God has a serious plan for the nations, and he calls us to be His physical presence in the world. We savor salvation but our faith tells us that we shouldn’t hog all the blessings. We are living examples that one’s availability is much more important to our Creator than one’s ability, and also that God has a sense of humor.


We think our lives will be defined by how we love, not how much stuff we accumulate. So before we accumulated too much stuff, we took off. Now we’ve started a life and a family on the other side of the world.


Our souls cry out for the indigenous Mapuche. They have a tough history and their present story is full of injustice. Check out The Ministry page if you’d like to read about how we fight for justice. You can even Join our Team if you’d like!


Peace and Love,

The Hentschl Family