The Team

foto familiaMiguel & Marta – Miguel Salas and his wife Marta came to Lautaro as domestic church planters 13 years ago. When they arrived from Santiago, Miguel biked around town for years getting to know the people in his community. Shortly thereafter he began several small groups in surrounding rural Mapuche communities. Today, unlike many other churches in the region, the Lautaro congregation consists of both Chilean and Mapuche members. Miguel has dedicated his life to growing the church and ministry to both cultures. He is the visionary who planned and is executing a majority of the school project which will expand the multi-cultural ministry even further by bringing in both Chilean students from the community as well as Mapuche students from the rural surrounding reductions. Miguel and Marta have three kids; Noelia, 8, Alejandro, 11 & Abraham, 16.


Luis & FamilyLuis & Andrea – Luis Castro and his wife Andrea are both from the IX region. Luis is pastor of the IAM church in Melipeuco, Chile. Originally a member of the Lautaro church, Luis is a Mapuche who comes from one of the surrounding rural communities. They live at the base of Volcano Llaima, and began their work there 6 years ago. In addition to pastoring the church, Luis also does artisan wood work to make ends meet. They were the first Mapuche couple to go to the Middle East as missionaries in 2006. Luis and Andrea have 2 kids; Benjamin, 1 and Valentina, 6.