We used to think that following a certain ministry formula was going to lead to lots of conversions and that’s the point right? We even called it our ministry. Experience has taught us that we aren’t the owners of salvation, but that our witness can guide transformation. God chooses to include us all in His ministry to reach the hearts and souls of the lost. In the gospels we read constantly that we are to imitate Christ; the way he walked (1 John 2:6), the way he loved (John 13:34), the way He served (John 13:12-15), and His regard for others as more important than Himself (Phil 2:3-8). When Jesus died and rose, we became his physical presence in the world. We are called to a life with Jesus firmly at the center and we are invited to commence a gradual process of learning how to die to ourselves. I know this sounds a bit drastic, but Jesus was a radical dude.


We are willing participants to a radical way of visualizing, experiencing and sharing Christ’s love and salvation. Together, we support works at the local church through preaching and teaching with the intent to raise up disciples. In the rural countryside, we pastor a home church group of Mapuche families who can’t make it to Sunday service at the local church.


But we would be liars if we said we knew everything that means for the ministry God has called us to. As we learn, listen and activate our lives towards His glory, we try to incorporate our passion for His glory into every aspect of the ministry in which we participate.


We are living in a time of unlimited access to information and infinite interconnectedness; People need to see and feel Jesus’ effect on their lives and not just hear about him. We base every ministry decision on seeing God glorified and creating opportunities for those we interact with to see and feel the effect of Jesus on their lives.