The Local Church

CrossIberoAmerican Ministries Lautaro owns a 12 acre site one kilometer off the only main N/S freeway in Chile, on the main road entering into the city of Lautaro. Adjacent to the city cemetery, IAMĀ  has constructed a multi-use gymnasium, meeting room and a small kitchen facility which is utilized both by the church, as well as borrowed out to the community. It is on this 12 acre site that the future IAM Lautaro primary and secondary schools will be constructed.

The church has a wonderful reputation in the community of Lautaro as well as the surrounding Mapuche communities. Pastor Miguel Salas has worked since 2000 both in the city of Lautaro as well as five indigenous communities in the surrounding rural countryside. It is on the back of his hard work that we have base much of our ministry. Utilizing goodwill and existing trust, we represent the local church as we develop ministries in these communities.