Primary School Project

Here at the IAM Lautaro church, we are in the final phases of planning and approval for the construction of a school on the property. Eventually the school will serve grades K-12, but will be constructed in phases beginning with a primary school serving K-5.

The vision behind the project is to create a bilingual & bicultural educational facility where students from the town of Lautaro as well as rural Mapuche youth can receive a high-quality Christian education. The students would then return to their communities as ‘missionaries’, bringing with them not only their education, but also a passion for Jesus Christ.

We feel that a major part of our call to serve in Lautaro is to help develop this project. As we work with architects, water and structural engineers and municipal officials, it gives us the knowledge and know-how to facilitate teamwork between the North American churches and the Lautaro church.

You can see the plans here.